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Donna Morgan

Donna Morgan is consistently evolving to meet the needs and reach women everywhere. We started out in catalogues, and have progressed to websites, the social media world and to the launch of our E-commerce site. The company has not only grown through technological advancement, but has made the brand available to women of all shapes and sizes with our petite and plus-size lines.

The collection combines trend inspired prints with the most flattering silhouettes and detailing, appealing to both the savvy sophisticate and the trendsetter. A Donna Morgan style provides an easy transition from day to night, allowing a woman to put forth her signature look wherever she goes. The brand maintains the luxury of comfort, quality and excellent fit.

Services / Products

Bridesmaid Dresses / Cocktail Dresses


Available online at:
Donna Morgan official website   |   Nordstrom   |   Amazon

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