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Galia Lahav

Galia Lahav is a bridal and evening couture design house, which masters in the art of creating luxury dresses. Galia Lahav dresses are not modest rather extravagant and intricate in beautiful design. With her famous illusion backs, cascading silk tulle skirts and Italian ivory lace, she has created a brand, which is a household name in bridal. All the dresses made in Galia’s studio are hand made by the top seamstresses in Israel and finest luxury sewing techniques. The brand can be found in over 40 stores around the world in Europe, Australia and the United States. Since the company was founded, Galia has been on a quest to redefine fashion for women by creating worlds most sought out dresses.

Galia Lahav’s home studio is located in the heart of Israel, Tel Aviv. The studio consists of over 100 employees with teams of specialists that are experts in their field. Everything from the cutting, sewing, designing, beading, marketing, communications and more is done in-house. Galia believes that all elements of creating a bridal dress must be intimate and personal and makes it her philosophy to keep her gowns under custom made standards.

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